Courtney Powell: Lead Talent Connector

Courtney is a recent graduate of Oregon State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Statistics. “I’d like to think that I’m just as good with people as I am with numbers.” She is motivated to learn and add value to the job search for people in the technology industry. Her enthusiasm for helping people reach their potential is what has driven her to join the world of recruiting. Courtney lives in Wilsonville, Oregon with her two dogs. She enjoys skydiving, Overwatch, and is a Marvel Universe fanatic.

Great Recruiters Ratings


Courtney was an absolute pleasure. With most recruiters I get the feeling that I am just a number and a means to an end. I usually never hear from them again. Not with Courtney. I can tell she will work hard for you and genuinely wants to help. She asks all the right questions and really wants to get a full idea of who you are as a candidate and what you are looking for. She isn't going to shove jobs down your throat that she knows you won't want. I gathered that from a single conversation with her. One of the good ones.
Kelly O.
IT Support
Courtney was completely transparent with me and is eager to help me find work. She's a great person to work with and would encourage anyone seeking employment to contact her.
Phil R.
UX Designer
Courtney was really friendly and responded very quickly to my emails. She offered additional links to help me with my job search and herself as an extra contact.
Kami K.
Recent college graduate