DevOps Engineer

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Compensation: 0.0 USD – 0.0 USD / Hour

***We are unable to work with 3rd-party or corp-to-corp candidates for this position***

  • Support Dev to fully automate build & deploy pipelines based on GitLab Runners
  • Fully automate setup, maintenance, and operation of develop / staging / production Kubernetes clusters with Terraform being deployed on-premises and in the (AWS) cloud
  • Operation and monitoring, including creation of monitoring tools and dashboards, of all
    • CI/CD pipelines
    • Automated tasks
    • Clusters
  • Implementation of automated IT security measures (rolling secrets, etc.)
  • Installation of basic Kubernetes cluster services used by all systems: Loki, Istio, Prometheus, Grafana, Jaeger, etc.
  • Operation and management of persistence services: provisioning, backup / restore for all applications

Required Knowledge

  • In depth knowledge of Kubernetes, Terraform and Helm as well as hands-on experience using them
  • Server and network setup and management – on-premises and in the cloud
  • CI/CD build pipeline automation with GitLab Runners and shell scripts (alternatively: experience with Jenkins)
  • Automated deployment to cloud-based Kubernetes clusters with Terraform and Helm; ideally also experience deploying to on-premises clusters
  • Expert in monitoring and operation of production Kubernetes clusters
  • Creation of monitoring dashboards with Grafana or comparable visualization tools
  • Expert in concepts of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • Expert in DevOps concepts; is able to guide transition to a DevOps organization
  • Familiar in deploying and configuring basic cluster and monitoring services:
    • Log Aggregation: ideally Grafana, Loki (Alternative: Datadog)
    • Ingress: ideally Istio (Alternative: Traefik)
    • Service Mesh: Istio (Alternative: Kong)
    • Metrics Database: Prometheus
    • Dashboards/Visualization: Grafana
    • Performance/Latency Tracing: Jaeger (Alternative: Zipkin)
  • Automation of ticket creation in case of failures
  • Programming skills in CI/CD technologies:
    • Terraform for IaC
    • Shell scripting: bash (Alternative: Powershell)
    • Regex

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