Cybersecurity Analyst

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***We are unable to work with 3rd party or corp-to-corp candidates for this role***

As a cybersecurity analyst you will be responsible for protecting company’s hardware, software, and networks from cybercriminals. Your role is to understand company IT infrastructure, monitor it, and evaluate threats that could potentially breach the network. You will continuously look for ways to enhance company network security and protect its sensitive information.
The cybersecurity analyst is also responsible for:

  • Configuring Tools: This may come in the form of virus software, password protectors, and vulnerability management software. They will evaluate what the company needs and use these tools to protect its information.
  • Reporting: The analyst will detail what is currently going on in the network and evaluate its strengths. They will show what is well-protected and indicate if there is any unusual activity in the network.
  • Evaluate Weaknesses: No network is fully secure, but the goal is to make it as secure as possible. Part of the job is to continuously test all company networks and find weaknesses before bad actors or external threats can compromise them. 


  • Over 5 years of Cybersecurity experience
  • Experience with tools such as Titanium Threat Intelligence
  • Need to have worked in large data center environment
  • Prefer global experience
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